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BookTrack is a tool to help you track the progress on your book. Simply give it a name, and estimate a word count. The average number of works per page is between 200 and 250, so you can work from there. Fill in your daily writing; time started, time finished, and word count, and BookTrack will do the rest!

It'll keep track of the consecutive number of days writing, your current word count and progress towards the end of your book, and it'll event give you an estimate of your expected finish date. Don't worry if your word count runs over or under, you can change it as you get a better idea of the final form of your book.

The two charts at the bottom will help you keep track of how much your doing each day, and when you're most productive.

BookTrack is entirely local. It saves all your data through the magic of localStorage, which means your data stays on your computer - it's not transmitted over the wire. As such, if you want to change browser, or clear your cache, don't forget to export it, so you don't lose it!

Happy writing!