Happy Fishing - a game by Alexis Bacot & Damian Connolly, for Ludum Dare #29

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Vote for the game! http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-29/?action=preview&uid=12329


Happy Fishing is a colloraboration between Flash and Unity, with the 2D world above, and the 3D world beneath the surface. On the top, you have the Flash game, where you control a boat dumping love TNT into the ocean. Below, you have the Unity game, where you explode the TNT, drive the fish crazy with love, causing them to jump into the air. If two fish meet in the air, sparks fly, magic happens, and a new baby fish is brought into the world \o/

Be careful not to let any fish land in your boat though, otherwise they'll die from a broken heart... :( (If it gets too much for your conscience to bear, you can enable pacifist mode and get mucho fish babies!)


LEFT and RIGHT move your ship, SPACE throws/detonates some love TNT


Update 26/06/2014

Way too long after it actually happened, but the votes are in, and Happy Fishing won 2nd place for Innovation!

Happy Fishing final standings in Ludum Dare 29