Intergalacticnet - a game by Damian Connolly, for Ludum Dare #30


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Intergalacticnet was made in Flash for Ludum Dare #30. The theme was Connecting Worlds, and you're one of the many cherub-faced hires tasked with connecting up the universe with the first inter-galactice internet.

Use the mouse to fly your ship, dragging the very latest in invisible cables behind you. As you approach the different planets, aim for the capturing ring, like threading a needle, to gift those people with the fastest 56kbps connection they've ever seen.

While it should be obvious, try not to crash into any of the planets. Aside from killing billions with an extinction-level event, your company hasn't taken out any insurance to cover that.

You can read more in the write-up here:


Mouse to control your ship, and SPACE when requested. Click to spin like a badass. Don't forget to click on the SWF to give it focus.


AS3 for the code, Flash Pro for a few graphics, Bxfr for the sound effects, and for the music.

Damian Connolly - - @divillysausages


You can get the full source here:

Update 17/09/2014

The results came out a few days ago; #12 in humour, #33 in fun, and #73 overall! Out of ~1500 games in the jam category! Needless to say, I'm pretty pleased with that.

Intergalacticnet final standings in Ludum Dare 30