Microgolf Masters: Tips, tricks, cheats, & hacks

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Microgolf Masters is our realtime multiplayer golf available on iOS and Android. Want to know how a simple way to get unlimited gold and diamonds? Read on...

TL;DR: You can't.

Like most devs, I occasionally put the name of our game into Google to see what comes up. Sometimes I fall on reviews, sometimes I get Let's Play videos on YouTube, but often I find sites that promise you the world for nothing. Normally, the obviously auto-generated layout of these sites should be enough to let you know that it's not exactly legit, but recently I came across a site that was quite well made, to the point where it got me thinking, Hey, hang on a minute...

Microgolf Masters: tips, tricks, & cheats site

The thing is, and I want there to be no doubt about this:

See, everything in Masters goes through the server and the DB. When you win anything, it's the server that gives it to you. When you buy anything, it's the server that says if you can afford it. When you connect to the game, we download your details from the server, so there's nothing on the client to change. Even if you did modify the memory variables to give yourself more cash on the client, you wouldn't be able to actually do anything with it, because the server rules all; it knows what you actually have.

The DB itself isn't accessible from the public web, only through internal routing, so no-one can connect to the DB to update your info.

Except us, obviously.

If you go to a site and they ask you to run something, it won't work. If they ask you to install something on your phone, it won't work. If they ask you to install something on your PC, it really won't work.

And in the best traditions of there's no such thing as a free lunch, these sites aren't doing this out of the gratitude of their hearts or just for the lols. Best case scenario, they're driving you towards a page full of ads, worst case scenario, you've just installed malware on your computer or are now part of a botnet.

So this is a Public Service Announcement: don't fall for this please. They can be convincing, even to us. But be safe and ask yourself if the possibility of getting some free coins in an online game outweighs the probability of putting something bad on one of your devices (hint: it doesn't).

If you've ever run one of these - and not just for our game - then the first thing you need to do is to run a scan of your system. If you find anything, then I'd recommend CCleaner or Malwarebytes to get rid of it.

Stay safe, players.


I was wondering if you had a GitHub, more so wondering if you made your BitFlag class for Haxe(?).

Happy new year! thank you for the AS3 version of BitFlag.


Damian Connolly

Anything public I tend to put up on Bitbucket, though for simple classes like BitFlag, they're just on the site.

For BitFlag itself, there's no Haxe version of it. The actual logic for working with bits is quite easy (it's just a pain to remember), and you should be able to use the EnumFlags typed interface for most everything you need.

The only additional thing that BitFlag did was some validation to keep it within predefined values in a specific class. If you need this sort of thing, then it shouldn't be too hard to make a version using the Reflect API. I say "shouldn't be too hard", because of course I haven't looked at it to see if this is true :D

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