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I figured I'd spend some time talking about my site, seeing as how it was a while getting made and everything.

The site's built using the Drupal CMS system (5.1), and then I designed it up using Photoshop and the necessary HTML, CSS, and PHP skills. Maybe that should be skillz seeing as we're talking about cutting edge web development here... I was going for a Japanese water garden type effect, hence all the grass and water. Maybe it would've helped if I had actually looked at some pictures of water gardens, but meh, I like living on the edge.

I should probably explain the logo a bit, as it mightn't be immediately apparent what it is. The original(ish) logo looks like this:

My original logo, featuring a wolf head

Actually, the original logo (which I might put up later if I find it) had no "ds" and also had a mountain in the background, but I don't know of anybody who has a mountain in their garden, except maybe Lu-Tze. In case it still isn't apparent, perhaps looking at this picture will help. I did this logo as part of a project in college. Don't feel bad if you didn't get it right away, when I showed it to my graphics teacher he asked why my logo was of Africa. Which says alot about the teaching system in Ireland...

How the logo came about is thusly: being from Ireland I naturally enough have an Irish translation of my name (ó Conghaile). Proper Irish surnames have a meaning, usually character traits, or being the son/grandson of someone else (someone with Mc in their name means "son of", while O' means "grandson of"). When boiled down to it, my name means something like "as fierce as a hound / wolf". I chose wolf cause its cooler, naturally enough... There's also a story (hopefully a myth), of the original Conlach being named so, as once in battle, he was confused by the Morrigan and didn't know friend from foe, and lay about regardless "like a wolf". I ususally leave that part out...

So, getting back from my ramblings, I took the logo and changed it to fit into my style, which basically involved getting bored and playing around with Photoshop.

As for the where divillysausages came from, that's another story, which I might tell at some point in the future if I thought anyone was interested. Needless to say I've been using it as a username for quite a while now - it turns up on Google now.

Anyway, you can contact me by using the form on the right, or the comment section below, if you want to leave feedback about the site or the design. Also if you're using Inept Explorer, and things don't seem quite right, then get a proper browser, you'll truly wonder why you put up with it originally.




That is a very nice tree.

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