The evils of chocolate

One of the first things I've learned about international students since I came over to green roads of Hull is that pretty much all of them, especially French and Belgium people for some strange reason, absolutely worship that which is Nutella. In a quite scary way... I've only had the thing once, and it didn't really float my boat. Then again, I wasn't raised on it...

Last time I went to Belgium I got chocolate cereal with chocolate milk, a nice chocolate croissant-type thing, and a bar of chocolate in case I was peckish later. Or at least hadn't thrown up... Cúchulainn wasn't bloody raised on chocolate. He had a steaming bowl of porridge every morning, probably with a side order of deer or something. He probably ate it with his hands as well, being that spoons are for wusses..

The reason I bring this up, is that we had a few people over at the house at the weekend. "Few" might be the wrong word for it, but still. Evidently someone either a curiosity problem or was a petty klepto. In a remarkably short amount of time, the full jar of Nutella was out, opened, and eaten. Hell, the jar itself was even stolen. Which is, like, at the very least, bad manners... Maybe the Nut is meant to stand for nuts of crack or something. Is there a moral obligation for companies to apologise for the behaviour of people whacked out on their product? I'd write to their customer service department if I was bothered. Or if the jar was mine. Good jars are hard to come by. I could have used it to store my, like, pennies in it or something. Now it's just going to be like the little kid waiting for his mother to wash some damn dishes so he can use the Fairy bottle to build a rocket or a sword or something. And my pennies are clutering up the room... sigh...


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