This was a joint project for Game Development Architecture, which I did in the first semester at Hull. Most of the code in this was adapted from the warehouse project with a few additions.

The Brief

The brief was pretty simple for this; we had to read in a .csv file that contained motion capture data and display it onto the screen. Extra marks were awarded for attaching a head to the model.

The Finished Version

Happily, I actually got the project finished as the brief states. I even added a textured floor just to blow peoples minds. There's a rewind key as well for playing the animation in reverse which literally lead to hours of fun. In fact I deliberately had to stop myself from spending all day playing it so I could upload this to the site.

I've uploaded some pictures and a movie of the walkingMan in action, but you can also download the release version (340Kb).



I think your walking man miss the animation for one of his member. *cheers*


word up frenchman. if you're on about him missing one of the movies (as in a different bandwidth one) i just checked them all, and they're all working fine. you should know by now not to trust zach's broadband :)

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