16 Cranbrook? I'm all in baby...

Just a quick heads up on what I did last summer, or last weekend at any rate. 7 other lads; namely Alexis, Puya, Ola, Fabian, Ian, Jamie, and Tabo; and myself headed up to St. Andrews for the UK Student Poker Championship, sponsored by BetFred. First prize was none other than £1100 and a seat on the World Poker Tour... which was nice

Needless to say that we flew the flag for Hull, not that they knew we were flying it of course. In the main competition I managed to get the furthest - to the final day, finally finishing somewhere around 70 (out of 350) but outside of the paid places. BetFred also sponsored a place on the Women's Tour for the last woman still in the tournament, and it was this woman who was on my table and put me out (she flopped a straight, I mean, come on! In fairness though, she did make it to the final two tables).

Alexis took 2nd place in one of the freeze-out side tournaments and won a few hundred pounds. Ola pretty much annoyed everyone by playing Omaha for the first time and trouncing everyone at the table. I think it was his tactic of getting bored and randomly raising that saved the day. Though he didn't win as much as Alexis, he did make us all very very late getting home, so it was all worth it

I'll stick up some pics when I get them off Fabian, and maybe flesh this blog out a bit when I'm not on a french keyboard, which officially sucks. Later


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