Je suis radical de le max

I'm currently whiling away my time (since Sunday anyway) in the south east of France learning how to use my ass as a snowboard in the resort of Valmeinier, accompanied by around 30 odd french guys and girls. As its my first time in a situation where the use of english is not exactly...useful, I feel like I owe it to my secondary school french teacher to let my mastery of all things français to come to the fore. As you can guess this has been an absolute breeze...

What I have learned, to my initial confusion and later sheer glactical uncomfortableness (master of english I should also point out), is that french people from a particular school like nothing more than playing poker, getting drunk, and getting naked. Not necessarily seperately. Luckily the human mind has a wonderful way of blocking out particular memories, and more to the point, I bought my camera the day after. Pictures will of course be put up when I get the film developed, although I'll take this moment to point out the fundamental rule of photography; that is, to never trust a camera that costs less than the price to get the film developed.

The weather over here is absolutely amazing. Contrary to popular belief, being up a moutain where permanent snow is a feature doesn't mean that it'll be cold. Seeing as technically, you're closer to the sun, and the fact that the aforementioned permanent snow has a, frankly astonishing, ability to reflect sunrays where you don't want them reflected, you actually end up getting the bejaysus burnt out of you. I currently resemble a cross between a large mouse and a clown that's caught a rather severe cold.

In any case, I figure that I'm going too fast for the majority of the sun's rays to catch me. I also figure if I can sort out the fine line between gravity and balance, my ass will thank me for it. Possibly the rest of my body as well...


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