Wakka wakka wakka

Having finally gotten some time off what with most of this semester's projects being handed in, and also having wrenched myself back off of Medieval 2, I decided to update the site a little more. This evening's inclusion: an AI controller for Pacman.

The goal was simple; create an AI controller that would guide Pacman through the level to eat all the pills and not get killed. The aim is on win ratio and points. I think mine did pretty well, it was winning at up to 90% of the time (by taking a very select focus group of about 10-15 runs) so I was pretty happy.

Anyway, you can head over to my projects page to read all about it. You can also download the release version, where there's a switch to control Pacman yourself. Test your wits against my AI. There will be prizes of respect and hat-tipping to the most successful, but I'll need photographic proof on the back of a SAE postcard. And you probably won't get your photos back. Unless you never send them, then you're practically guaranteed.


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