Bringing to a close three months of project work, the final link in this semester's work, is Pandemic, the group project and the one that carried the most overall marks.

This was an interesting change, as you got to see how other people's code and wish it was yours. There's two ways to take that last sentence, but I'll leave it to you to decide :) It was an experience that was worth having though, especially the GameCube port at the end. Who'd have thought that getting the STL to compile, or drawing a line to the screen could be so fulfilling?

Still, you can head over to the Projects page, or straight to the article itself to read all about it.

With this being the last project, I think it's time to fly home for a few days so my mammy doesn't think I'm dead. Next stop, final project and dissertation time. This is what I'm looking forward to, though I have to learn C# really quickly for it to work. Joy joy.



Hey hey, I downloaded the game (60 MO wtf!?) and i finished the game on first try :D I didn't have to run tho a single puzzle tho, which hmm .. puzzled me :P


Haha! Yeah, as you can see, we spent a lot of time on the game balancing. What'd you do? Shoot your way through all of them?


Yeah, took me 1 min to do each level. Just need some skills ~ :P


I think you'll find that skillz, you n00b :D

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