Progressive farming

I'm back at home now in Ireland, and have been blessed with sparkling weather. Like pretty much all people in Ireland who see some sun outside, I'm now burnt everywhere. Which makes everything ever so interesting.

On the plus side, I have managed to dig out my digital camera, so I'm thinking of adding some imagery to the site, maybe in some form of daily appearance. It's not likely going to be uploaded super fast as I'm in dial-up country at the minute.

I have a bit of free time at the minute, which I'm putting to use by getting some much needed sleep, teaching my little sister poker (not something I'm telling mammy about), and learning C# and XNA in preparation for my final dissertation.

I went out in Monaghan town on Saturday, and it was a bit weird altogether. Is it a bad sign when everyone out is about your little brother's age? Still, it was good to see a few familiar faces about, even if everyone decided to get my attention by first pulling on my hair. "I bet I'm the first to do that! Ha ha!". Sigh...


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