Oxegen 2007

OK, first of all, I know this is about a month too late, but who cares? If I thought that anyone was waiting then I'd cry, but I think I'll take the chance.

This was the first Oxegen I've been to, mainly cause I wasn't bothered with the other ones, but my brother bought the tickets, so I thought, why not? I've learned a few things since then, that would have been nice to know before hand, such as:

Still, though, it was a good laugh, and seeing Snow Patrol and Daft Punk play was alone worth it. And the look on my mother's face when I brought out the washing. There's a few pictures below of some of the highlights, where I a) remembered to bring my camera, and b) remembered I had it.

Update 19/08/2007 19:18 - It has been brought to my attention, rather quickly indeed, that the first Snow Patrol photo was taken by my little sister Maria, and thusly deserves a credit. Now I don't really remember her taking it, but if you've ever had a constant buzz in your ear (amazing what you can do over Gmail chat), then you'll quickly learn to agree. So, just so there's no confusion, the first Snow Patrol image was taken by Maria, and a big thank you goes out for her gracious permission to put it up on my site. How foolish of me to not seek it in the first place... (happy?)



pretty much sums up oxegen

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