Super Multiplayer Online Card Game Rules etc.

At the start of the game, each player is dealt three cards face down in front of them, which they cannot look at. They then get three cards face up on top of those, and finally three cards that make up their playing hand. Before the game starts, the player can swap any of the three cards in their hand with any of the face up cards in front of them, in order to make a strong set for later in the game. Any remaining cards are placed in the middle of the table, and become the pack.

The aim of SMOCG is to not be the last person to get rid of their cards. The dealer (usually the last person to lose) starts play, creating a pick-up pile in the centre of the table, and play continues clockwise. In its simplest form, the current player has to place a card (or two or more of the same denomination) of equal or higher denomination (suits are ignored) than the previous card played. They then pick up from the deck so they have at least three cards in their hand (unless the deck is empty, or they already have three or more cards still in their hand). If the player cannot play a legal card, then they must pick up all of the cards in the pick-up pile. It is also possible for a player to pick up the pick-up pile even when they can play a legal card, for strategy reasons.

When the players have no more cards in their hands, and the deck is empty, then they can play the three face-up cards in front of them, and subsequently, the three face-down cards, though these cards are played blind.

There are four trick cards in SMOCG, namely two, seven, eight, and ten. Two will reset the count back to two, meaning the next subsequent card can be anything. Seven means that the next person’s card has to be lower than seven. Eight is invisible, meaning that the next player plays using the meaning of the card under the eight. Ten will cancel the current pickup pile, taking it out of play, and allowing the player another go. The pack can also be cancelled by putting four cards of the same value on top. Trick cards can be played on any card.

If a player makes another player pickup, then that player receives another go. If a player makes another player pickup on the first player’s last card, then play goes anti-clockwise until an active player can be found.

The last player to get rid of all of their cards looses.


How to play Super Multiplayer Online Card GAme
  1. These are the cards in your hand. Focused cards are highlighted in yellow, while selected cards are highlighted in green. Multiple cards of the same value can be selected.
  2. These are your face-up cards and can only be played after the cards in your hand are gone, with the exception of before the game starts, when you can swap any of these cards with any of the cards in your hand.
  3. These are your face-down cards and can only be played after the cards in your hand and your face-up cards are gone. These are played blind.
  4. The currently focused card will appear here for easy viewing. You can also focus your opponents face-up cards to see what they are.
  5. Your currently selected cards will appear here.
  6. The bottom message HUD will give you hints on the actions that you can perform at various parts during the game.
  7. The top four cards from the pickup pile will appear here, with the faintest being the oldest. Four cards of the same value will cancel the pickup pile.
  8. The various actions that you can perform will highlight when available. To perform them, you can either click the button, or press the key specified.
  9. The chat box will allow you to type messages to the other players.
  10. The game log give information on the previous actions of the game and other players, as well as displaying any messages that the player has sent.
  11. This is the game's IP address and corresponds to the IP address of the player that welcomes other players into the game. This is initially set to the IP of the player that started the game, but can change if that player drops out.
  12. The large number in the widgit specifies which player's go it currently is, while the smaller one is your player number. The colour of the widgit is also important, with light red signifying that the game hasn't started yet, while light green means that the game is underway.
  13. The center of the table is where the pickup pile, the deck, and the burned pile reside. Click on the pickup pile to play your cards when it's your go.
  14. This arrow tells the players whose go it is.
  15. This is your opponent. You can look at his face-up cards by hovering over them with the mouse.


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