Oh, I live on an island in the middle of the sea...

I've had these pictures on my computer for a while now, so I've finally decided to stick them up. They're of Carisbrooke Castle, which I decided to visit one fine sunny day. It's quite a nice castle and you can walk the battlements which is pretty cool. Amongst the highlights were: the museum where you can try actual helmets and swords for size (though the sword is tied down so that fantasy of mine will have to wait a while longer), the restored chapel, the donkey well (not a well full of donkeys, but that would be a strangely compelling sight, but a huge well that they use donkeys to take the water from), and the bedroom and cells of Charles I.

According To Wikipedia™ He tried to escape from the castle in 1648, but was unable to get through the bars of his window. Now, I'm no prison escape expert, but that seems like a pretty pathetic attempt at escaping, but then who am I to judge.


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