Qui sait ce que cela signifie?

I really should update more often. In the more than two months since my last bout of writing compulsion, I've had my first credit on a released game, I've worked on a second, really awesome one, and I've moved to Paris to work with Ubisoft.

I suppose I should start with the first piece of news. Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm was released a few weeks ago for Xbox360 Live Arcade and on PC via Steam. This is my first credited release and what can aptly be described as a learning experience. The timeline was excruciatingly short, but I did get to work on everything, from gameplay, to AI, to frontend, to testing. I also think I hold the worldwide record for the level and game highscore that I got during final testing. I'll stick a screengrab up when I get my memory key back because I forgot it back in England.

After HTF shipped, I shimmied over to work on the Magic: The Gathering title for Wizards of the Coast. I can't actually say much about this because I'm still under an NDA etc., but it's really awesome and when it comes out, it's going to pwn everything on Live Arcade. Not to build it up much or anything, but this game will Change Your Life™.

Then I decided to ship myself over to Paris to work in the Ubisoft global headquarters, because I can. My actual job title is Gameplay Engineer, and unlike a binman calling himself a Waste Disposal Engineer or something, it's actually quite descriptive of the job. Some of my job tasks include:

So far I've had a pretty cool first week. It's been a lot of fun and everyone at the office is pretty sound. One of the things everyone does when they come in, is go around and shake hands with everyone in the office. This may not sound like much, but I've never seen it done before, and it does lead to a pretty relaxed, informal atmosphere. Than and huge LAN games of course.

Paris itself is pretty cool - the weather at the minute is so hot that I find myself dreaming of the rain back home. I had my first wine (read whisky) and cheese party last night, and now my fridge is full of about 4/5 bottles of leftover wine and acres of cheese. Don't even get me started on the smell...

Some of the things I've learned in the last month or so, in no apparent order:


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