Tracing different colours with FlashDevelop

While playing around with some code today (Scott Bilas' Enum code if you must know), I stumbled upon an excellent hidden gem in FlashDevelop. If you're not using FlashDevelop btw, you should be. It's free and the best IDE you'll find on Windows.

Basically, you can colour your trace statements by prepending them with a number and ":". E.g.

trace( "0:This is a debug message" );<br />
trace( "1:This is a log message" );<br />
trace( "2:This is a warning" );<br />
trace( "3:This is an error" );<br />
trace( "4:This is a special one for your mother" );<br />

Will produce:

Colour tracing in FlashDevelop

This is really useful if you building a logging system or if you're working on a big game with a lot of logging and you want some logs to stand out. The only numbers that work are 0 to 4 and the colours are hardcoded but I still like it :D


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