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Wikileakers is the story (more of an excerpt really) of the fateful day Julian Assange was walking the corridors of the FBI offices and got attacked by lasers. And explosions!

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Featuring a eye-droppingly beautiful one level, it will challenge your ability to the max. Yo.

Jump around. Place shields. Watch them get blown up (with a state-of-the-art block particle system). Feel the impact of the bombs that are thrown in your path. Feel the slight annoyance as you now have to jump over them.

The Wikileakers game in action

I really pushed myself to the limits with this game. Each lovingly crafted pixels bears the tale of hours of Photoshopping. Each bar in the 7 bar opening synth stretched my musical talents like never before (more even, than when I played the accordian as a child). Can you last long enough to release all of the cables? It's certainly possible. I've managed it three times so far, and only two of those were through cheating.

Wikileakers is currently doing the rounds of the gaming sites. As I find the links, I'll post them above. Happily, I'm blindly assuming that the game will be so wildly successful that hosting it on my own site would be insane.

Share your praise/vitriol.

The Wikileakers title screen

Update 04/03/2011

The highscore for Wikileakers finally fell last night, marking the first time that players have successfully finished the game. I missed the leaderboards timestamp, but if Mochi orders it in order of achievement, then congrats to Yoyoyo for being the first player to win!

The Wikileakers highscore table


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