DSAir - An AIR framework to help create apps

Current version: 1.0.2

I'm making some apps at the minute, so I decided to publish the framework that I'm using to put them all together. It's called DSAir and it's super.

The logo for the DSAir project

Basically it's a collection of different classes and managers to help make all the miscellaneous stuff around app building easier to include.

So what do you get?

I've also included a modified version of MinimalComps. I've just pretty much added all the pull requests active on GitHub to fix the different bugs in it, and added destroy() functions for all the components so they can be cleaned up properly (removing event listeners and nulling references etc).

I've created a project for it on Bitbucket (it's released under the MIT license), and you can get some how-to's from the wiki.

Comments/feedback welcome!


v1.0.2 (19/12/11):
Fixed an error with the InvokeManager if we pass arguments that aren't File paths. We can also access the raw arguments passed. Can also change the active/inactive fps for the ThrottleManager. Can also change if the "No update available" alert shows when we check for an update. Also uploaded the test files, which I forgot to add.


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