Tiny Trader - Ludum Dare #23

This weekend was the Ludum Dare game jam, meaning I spend all weekend making a game that's going to get buried under about 1000 others! I present to you: Tiny Trader!

Look at it, it's so pretty!

Overall it went quite well, except for the fail at the start of the weekend. Meeting up in Paris at 19h only to be told that we don't get the theme until 3am the next morning, so just twiddle your thumbs for eight hours. Or hit Bastille...

I'm quite proud of the game actually. It's simple, but you can get a nice flow going. It started out being loosely based on the game Escape Velocity, mainly because I misread the theme as Tiny Worlds, as in plural. Meh.

I was coding with Alexis (you can play his game here), and credit has to go to him for the idea of picking up and dropping goods by hooking them off the planets, kind of like the mail trains.

Pirates, pirates everywhere!

The controls are pretty simple - just click down and point your ship in the direction you want to go. You can pick up one cargo type at a time and you get bonuses for making a clean pickup/drop (not touching the planet). You also get the best price the further away you deliver it. Other than that, just have fun. And watch out for pirates.

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