I'm an author!

Things have been a bit quiet on the site at the minute, as aside from working on Microgolf Masters (which I'll write about soon), I wrote a book!

It's called Shepherds: Awakening and it'll be out on Amazon soon in eBook, then soft-cover formats.

To go with that, I've created another site, damianconnolly.com to act as my author persona (this being my developer one). I'd originally grabbed the domain a long time ago and it was serving to redirect to this site, but I figured it was best to separate out the two seeing as the perspective audiences could be quite different.


On a side note, a big shout-out to my hosting provider SiteGround, who once again have been a huge help. When I had a question, I opened a support ticket, and literally 9 minutes laters, they'd answered and fixed it.

I'm currently setting up a mailing list, so if you'd like to get yourself an advanced reading copy of Shepherds: Awakening for FREE, then head on over to the site!


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