You are the Monster - Ludum Dare #33

Another Ludum Dare, and hooo boy, what this a tough one. Because of other commitments through the weekend, I wasn't able to spend the full 48hrs on it - I'd say I managed around 18 all told - so to get solid blocks of time, I ended up doing an all-nighter on Saturday and right to the deadline on Sunday.

The theme this time was You are the Monster. As I wasn't going to have a lot of time, my weapon of choice was the tried and trusted workhorse, AS3.

You are the Monster

About the game

You're happily passing your day in your underwear, when the classical damsel in distress comes screaming in, as there's a monster on the loose. This is the day you've been waiting for! Impress people! Win friends!

Kit yourself out as best you can with the money you have, and essay forth to slay the foul beast.

Be careful however, there are whispers of a curse abound...


As I was used what I'm used to, development went pretty well. Because I didn't have the full weekend, I couldn't put in any sound effects or music, which is a shame, as I have a pretty good library full of swords and grunts and the like. So, if you could do me a favour, and provide your own "huurgh", "hiieagh", etc, that'd be fantastic.

I was pretty pleased with how the art turned out - I'm not great at it, but the colours work, and the characters aren't too ugly. These are the benefits of pixel art.

The actual art is draw to 1/4 of what you see on the screen, and scaled up, in order to get that nice chunky look. It makes it a bit awkward when working with objects with competing scales, but there you go.

The idea itself owes a large part to Defect, which is a game about building a spaceship, to have the crew mutiny, then building another one to beat that first one, to have the crew mutiny, etc. I saw a video of it a few weeks/months ago, and I guess it stuck in my head. Marketing works, people!

The game

The game is available to play below and if you'd like to vote on it, you can at http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-33/?action=preview&uid=12486 which would mean a lot. The full source is also available, if you dare to look at it.


You are the Monster



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