Ah! The sweet smell of...sigh...

Finally flew back into Hull around 3 today, after spending about 2 hours on the smallest plane in the world. "It may be small, but it's fast!" Hmmm... not much of a compromise there when you have to dislocate your neck just to sit down.

In any case, after spending most of the week hurting myself, I tipped around in Paris for a few days at Chez Alexis. To experience culture, obviously, but also because the return flights before then were costing about £400. I could, like, charter a airplane, get flight lessons, and buy myself a spiffy flight suit with goggles for that. Still, I was glad I stayed. Paris is completly awesome, it rocks so much more than England that it kind of sucks to be back. I did take some pictures, but as they need to be developed, you'll have to make do with the imaginary ones in my head. If you could see them that is.

There's so much style in Paris that it's almost infectious. Walking around the city makes you want to buy a full size mahogany poker table and sit around it in a dinner jacket sipping cognac while hob-nobbing for all your worth. I saw pretty much all of the major landmarks that can be reached by walking about 18 million miles (That's 28,968,192 million kilometers in Euros). Finally seeing all the landmarks up close was a bit surreal though, kind of like when you're watching Star Wars or something and you see a huge wossname in the background and you know it's just a matte painting. It was like that except you could ... interact ... with this ... painting. Yeah, that's right.

To sum up the whole trip:

Things that were rock

Things that were wrack


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