GXBase libraries

Here are the GXBase libraries that, unless otherwise specified, you'll need if you want to compile any project source code on the site. GXBase is a wrapper for OpenGL and makes some things quite handy, such as setting up a window and the like. It was developed in the University of Hull and is released under the LGPL license.

I've added the libraries for Visual Studio 2005 and Visual C++ 6.0, as well as a compiled HTML reference/help file. To add the libraries so you can compile any of my wonderful projects, go to (In VS2005) Tools » Options and click the VC++ Directories menu in the Projects and Solutions dropdown.

The VC++ Directories option in the Tool » Options menu

From the top right pull down, where it says Executable files, select Include files. Click the little folder icon to add a new directory, and direct it to the libs/inc folder in wherever you've upzipped GXBase.

The Include files option in the VC++ Directories option

Again, from the top right pull down, select Library files. Again click the little folder icon to add a new directory, and direct it to the libs/lib folder in wherever you've unzipped GXBase to.

The Library files option in the VC++ Directories option

With this done, you should be able to compile any of the projects here. Should, I say.

In any case, click here to download the Visual Studio 2005 files (4.91Mb), here to download the Visual C++ 6.0 files (1.86Mb), and here to download the GXBase reference file (584Kb). Each of the library files contains some samples and test projects so you can get the hang of how GXBase works.


Surath Chatterji

Ya advertisin' for free. Kewl!!! Mr. James Ward should be happy...!!! :)


the visual studio 2005 and visual c++ links are linking to the wrong files(one links to the other and vice versa).

just so you know


Ah zing! Now edited to point to the right files. Cheers Callum


I know that there is an updated (2008) version of the librarys, but i dont have a clue where to get it from, any ideas?


Check out the Google code page at http://code.google.com/p/gxbase/source/checkout, and you can SVN the latest source code. You should be able to build your own libraries from there. If that fails, get in touch with James Ward at the University of Hull

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