I think I have some dust in my eye...

There's two main types of blogs. There's the wordy type where the author relies on wit, charm, and a suave writing style (ahem...), and the imagy type, where photos are used to capture a moment and tell a story. One of the biggest benefits of a photo blog is that it works directly on the emotions of the reader, and utilises the human mind's ability to absorb all the minor details and background that would be impossible to describe in words. The Big Picture is a photo blog for the Boston Globe that gathers high-quality, captivating imagery from around the world. Very nice for really driving home some of the things that we take for granted or don't think about - such as what it's like to almost get shot in the head:

A soldier ducks down behind a mud wall while a bullet kicks its ass

Why isn't this guy working in the games industry?

This is a bit old, but still worth watching. Like a Chinese MacGuyver, Johnny Chung Lee turns the WiiMote into something more than a swishy lump of plastic. Check out his YouTube page with videos of all his projects, including a Multi-Touch Whiteboard application, finger tracking using the WiiMote, and this quite awesome head tracking WiiMote example, which gives such a nice VR experience:

Johnny Chung Lee's head tracking using the WiiMote example

Can I get it with a quad-core?

How cool is this? It's a robot, right. Powered by a piece of a rats brain. I don't even need to say anything else.

The robot has just one means of sensing its surroundings, an ultrasound probe that bounces sound waves off objects.

If the sensor detects a wall in its path, a signal is sent to the brain through a Bluetooth radio link. The brain then replies with another message telling the robot to steer away from the obstacle.
Image showing the connections between the brain and chip

Try not to die next Wednesday

It could kill us all... But luckily, we'll never know.


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