Seek and ye shall find

AISeek are a company that provide a number of different AI solutions, such a dynamic pathfinding and AI acceleration. Their website provides a number of demos that you can play or download, including this one: Tank Battle 1. This actually looks like a small game in it's own right, 'cause it look quite fun. Basically your map is made up from blocks, and then tanks drive through them and blow them up. Your AI men can then use the rubble for cover, navigate, and move in formation through it. The video explains it better than I could, but this looks really nice.

AISeek's Tank Battle 1 demo video

Become an indie - make money!

Ever wonder how much money an indie developer can make? Sales figures for Castle Crashers' second week on Xbox Live Arcade came out - it came in with $1.3 million in 7 days (about 88,000 units). That's worth at least €100. At least. Other figures have Braid coming in with $2 million for it's first month. Mind, both of these games are actually rather good, and any old crap won't just sell on Live Arcade, but it does lighten the spirit a bit for any developers feeling the small time pinch. There's also a link to a document to the Top First Week and Top First Month of a number of Live Arcade games. Very interesting to read and see some figures.

I love you Photoshop

At a recent keynote, Adobe presented a first glimpse of some of the features of the up-and-coming CS4, and oh, they do pwn. There's a video hosted here (translated here) - you can skip most of the first 15 minutes unless you want to hear about some of the other accompanying CS4 programs. Some of the features included are the ability to stretch only parts of an image (such as background behind people) without other parts loosing scale; painting directly onto 3D models; applying a quick an anaglyphic filter for some quick 3D using those cool red & green glasses; and the kind of 3D printing where you move the paper and the image moves - I'm not quite sure if you need a special printer or special pages for that, but it looks awesome. If none of this makes any sense, just watch the video and be awed. Btw, this image isn't crappily blurred, it's meant to be highlighting the anaglyph filter.

Watch some of the new features in Photoshop CS4


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