I was surprised as well...

Now some people might say that I'm not a multi-national game publisher - there have been some rumours swirling about on the Internet to that effect - so I decided to release a press-statement earlier today:

"I am not a multi-national game publisher. Thank you."

With that in mind, this is not a criticism in any way of how to run your business. Telling your developer that they're all going to be fired after they ship the game is probably not the best way to ensure the final months go smoothly.

Still, Ensemble Studios (of Age of Empires fame) released a backstory trailer for upcoming Halo Wars. It looks pretty sweet, which is obviously why I'm blogging about it. You can check out the Halo Wars website at that link 8 words ago.

A slightly obscure image of ships heading towards a planet, from the backstory trailer of Halo Wars

Now experience PSP slow-ass loading speeds on the web!

To highlight some of the new add-ons coming to the PSP (GPS, messager, camera, etc.), they've created this go-PSP-go site for you to peruse. I use the word peruse lightly, because evidently all the budget went into the visuals without anyone realising there's little to no text on the site.

It does look nice, and it gives you that authentic PSP feeling. During the loading, I almost thought for a minute that they were streaming the data from UMD. Simply ingenious flash work - the pinnacle of flash development.

Sigh, damn it to hell...

The 3D robots representing the new PSP add-ons

Science is important

Sometimes I lie awake at nights wondering about the mysteries of the universe. The sheer size of the number of things that we don't know about boggles the mind. Or it would, if we knew how many things we don't know. Then I realise that countless scientists are hard at work, all around the globe, fiddling and poking at stuff until they know what happens.

Next week sees the announcements of the Nobel prize awards, and with all the emphasis on ground breaking research, sometimes the focus is lost on what, really, is important to the common man. Questions like: Can I use Coca-cola as a contraceptive? Do dog fleas jump higher than cat fleas? Do plants have dignity? Will this piece of string inevitably tangle itself in knots?

Thankfully, all these have been answered, and the respective scientists have received recognition in the form of an Ig Nobel Prize. Rest assured that scientific justice has been done.

The most interesting fact I learned today? How to stop hiccups. Some might say a surprise or a fright, others might suggest drinking a glass of water upside-down, while yet others suggest eating a spoonful of dry sugar. Me? A digital rectal massage.


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