How to be like Jesus

Part of my job at Ubisoft is to keep up-to-date with different trends, games, movies etc., so over the course of the day I sometimes come across some nice links. Some people might think that this is just blatantly surfing the web so I don't do any work, but those people would be wrong. So wrong that they should die a little bit inside. However, being the generous free-loving guy that I am, just to demonstrate my fidelity to opening my eyes (about 4 people will get that in-joke), I thought it'd be nice to share the wealth. And make it easier for me to find things when I look for them later.

Sweet Jebus

Respect to EA for this. After a gamer put up a video complaining about a bug in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 where you can walk on water and take shots like so:

Tiger Woods playing as Jesus

Some deft marketing talent was in call to redress the balance. In fairness, I'd love to have the cash to be able to do this, but you just have to lie back and bask in their advertising swagger. Pwned.

Titular Art

Quite a nice site where you can view the opening credits for different films. It pays homage to the art of the title sequence. Hence the snappy address of http://www.artofthetitle.com/. That's like...marketing genius or something. So anyway, go watch the Lord of War opening title, it's pretty cool:

Frame from the Lord of War opening title showing a close-up of a bullet

Freaky, in a cool way

An audio clip demonstrating a different method of recording sound using two microphones positioned where your ears would be. Where a normal person's ears would be anyway. The human brain calculates sound position by the tiny time difference between the sound hitting one ear and it hitting the other. Or something to that effect. The clip is freakishly good - when listening to the start of it, I thought one of the guy's beside me was trying to say something - cue 5 minutes of bludgeoning French. Its meant to be a virtual barbershop. Look out for the bag over the head, and I challenge you not to flinch when the razor comes in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUDTlvagjJA


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